Sabtu, 02 April 2011

day 3

It's been quiet a while since I post any blog..
Well, today, I'm quiet annoyed with people who change their status everytime they watch some movies..
And IF and IF they're watching movie SERIES on their DVD or something, they'll change their status EACH EPISODES!!!
O. MY. GOD! Common!!!! Like we care ur watching that n in what episodes!!!
Its not that I hate people who update their status all the time.. Its just, don't junk it with what movies n in what episodes u're watching!!

Oh, and one more.. One more..
People who actually chatted on their STATUS!
Like, can't u chat on ur own chat window?? Can u chat on private????
Is that rly necessary to u to chat on ur status??
It's such a junk, man!! Common!!!

I'm sorry for this meltdown I posted on.. Its just I rly don't understand why..
Don't they feel like what I feel if I'm the junking their new updates??
Don't they feel mad?? Don't they think it's annoying??
Maybe not everybody think n feel the way I do..
And I respect that..
It's just I feel I want to express my feelings.. It's annoying, rly.. At least for me..

Well, that's all for today.. And I'm sorry if this blog hurt some of u..
But u should know too, that not all people like what u're doing.. N I am very much aware that not all people like what I write about.. Tq.. And I'm sorry..