Selasa, 29 Maret 2011

Day two

Well, today was a tiring day..
Hv to go back n forth n attend 2 meetings..
The after effect after the meeting, was o my God..
I kinda tired physically and mentally.. I miss my pets, and my partner in love..

U notice how I said that my partner in love?
Its because I want to keep my identity as private as possible..
That's rule number 2.. Hehehe

One of the meeting, has a horrible n unimportant things as the result..
Its not that I hate it.. Its just, well, tiring.. And again, lots of unimportant things added up to our lists..
But I do appreciate, and respect our chief..
Our chief is very adorable.. Very kind and very nice..
Basicly the chief didn't want to put that much of burden in us..
Its just that the chief can't help it.. Its kinda in a crunch time..

Hmmhhh.. To added up, I might be not going home this weekend..
There are a lot of things to do..

I'm very looking forward to holliday.. I want to practice my cooking skills..
I miss cooking.. Not that I'm very very good at it..
Cooking is a fun process to do.. Tiring, but if the food comes out good, and people like it ~ the taste and the presentation and all~ its all worth it..
I have been saving up a few recipe I want to try.. Including cakes and pasta, and fried chicken..

But then again, I jave to wait till holiday, and if I have some money to buy all the ingridients.. Ahahahaha

haaahh.. That's all for me now.. Will be resting in a few.. N made dinner.. Instant noodle.. I guess.. :DD

Bye all.. Hv a good day, today and tomorow.. :)

Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Day one

this will be the first day of blogging.. i'll try to blog every chance i get.. 
not that i'm busy or something.. but i might forget to blog.. haha

so, i'm basically will use 2 languages.. Indonesian, and english..
but pardon my grammar in english, i'm not very good at that.. i'm learning though..  hehhe

just like what blog is.. i'll use this blog as my me-me-me page..
so prepare for it..

well, first rule, i won't give anything personal.. like name, where do i live, where do i study or anything.. 
but i'll give u a little bit information.. not that that information is important or anything, its just that i like sharing it.. haha

i love animals..i have plenty of them at home..
well, not plenty.. i have quiet an experience in taking care of some..
personally, i have 1 dog and a couple of rabbits..
i'm a jealous person -  not that much, though..
i have a certain rules that people n i have to do.. - we'll get back at that later..

well, that's for now.. i'll let u know later.. gotta go.. see ya!