Senin, 28 Maret 2011

Day one

this will be the first day of blogging.. i'll try to blog every chance i get.. 
not that i'm busy or something.. but i might forget to blog.. haha

so, i'm basically will use 2 languages.. Indonesian, and english..
but pardon my grammar in english, i'm not very good at that.. i'm learning though..  hehhe

just like what blog is.. i'll use this blog as my me-me-me page..
so prepare for it..

well, first rule, i won't give anything personal.. like name, where do i live, where do i study or anything.. 
but i'll give u a little bit information.. not that that information is important or anything, its just that i like sharing it.. haha

i love animals..i have plenty of them at home..
well, not plenty.. i have quiet an experience in taking care of some..
personally, i have 1 dog and a couple of rabbits..
i'm a jealous person -  not that much, though..
i have a certain rules that people n i have to do.. - we'll get back at that later..

well, that's for now.. i'll let u know later.. gotta go.. see ya!

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